Hosted Solution

HerculesDMS is a hosted solution. There’s no network, hardware or software for your IT staff to maintain in order to manage all of your documents.

Intranet Features

Publish company information, forms, links, and other information for all users to view with an intuitive page editor.

Document Storage Features

• Organize by property, category, and type: With a simple-to-use administration, HerculesDMS allows users to easily organize files for quick access.

• Unlimited categories and files: Your properties produce new documents, contracts, photos, and contracts constantly. HerculesDMS grows with you, allowing unlimited categories and files for each property license.

User Management Features

• Permission Groups: Organize users into groups for standardized access. Project managers, property level, corporate level users and more are granted access to various elements as needed with the click of a mouse.

• Individual Permissions: In addition to group level permissions, administrators can restrict or allow access to specific properties and their documents.

• User action log: HerculesDMS tracks all user actions on the site, providing administrators with an audit trail of document updates, edits, and more.

Active Directory integration: For companies currently using Microsoft™ networks with Active Directory, HerculesDMS offers integration to authenticate users and control access in synchronization with your network.

Archive Features

HerculesDMS tracks document versions and retains documents after updated or removed. Your historical documents are securely retained and can be retrieved when needed.

Security Features

Manage access: Mitigate risks posed by employee turnover with individual user access and permissions.

Track actions: HerculesDMS tracks all activities performed by each user within the system.

Protect your files: With its automatic archival of all documents and versions, nothing is ever "lost". HerculesDMS safely and securely archives your files to be easily accessed and restored by administrators when needed.

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